How it all Works


Find out How to Sell a Love-Rat Story to a Magazine or Newspaper

So if you’re ready to name-and-shame the love-rat in your life, here’s our easy-to-understand guide to how it works.

  1. Fill in our simple online form. Leave us your name, number and e-mail address and we’ll get in touch with you directly within 24 hours.
  2. One of our sympathetic, friendly, experienced, and professional reporters will get back to you with a valuation. Tell them your story in absolute confidence. Nothing will ever be printed without your say-so.
  3. Send us your photos, and the contact number of the love-rat in question. (If you have any other proof of infidelity; ie divorce papers, emails, texts – THIS is the time to tell us).
  4. We’ll contact the shamed party for their comments. We’ll call you straight back to tell you exactly what they said.
  5. We’ll contact the commissioning editor on every national publication in the UK and get you the best possible offer for you story. We guarantee to find you the best fee (and you keep 100% of the fee offered).
  6. If you’re happy with the fee then we’ll conduct a full interview and write your story up for you.
  7. We’ll call you back and give you a FULL read-through of your story to make sure you love it before sending it to the newspaper or magazine. You’ll get paid once it has appeared in print.

LoveRatBasically, we’ll do all the hard work for you. You keep all of the fee and we’re paid seperately for finding and writing the story (Did you know that the majority of magazine and newspaper content comes from agencies like ours?).

It’s as simple as that – so get in touch today and we’ll help you draw a line under your troubles, and start your life again.

No obligation

There’s no obligation to go ahead with printing your story until you’ve given the final go-ahead, approved the copy, and are happy with the fee offer.


To help us get the best price for your story we’ll need three things:

  1. Photos: Preferably of you together and maybe even the person your partner is having an affair with. Don’t worry too much, just send us what you have.  The better the images, the more chance of securing you a large fee.
  2. Contact details of the love-rat in question so that we can get in touch with them for a ‘right to reply’. Without asking them for their side of the story we are usually unable to print the story (unless they are deceased or uncontactable abroad – having been deported or similar).
  3. Other evidence of your relationship and what they did. Perhaps you have divorce papers, emails, texts. Make sure you don’t destroy anything!

More information

You can follow the link to read more about how to sell a love rat story to a magazine. If you’ve specifically been duped by a Turkish Love Rat, a Tunisian Love Rat or a Gambian Love Rat, you can get more advice on those pages.  For other foreign love rat stories, see our Sell My Foreign Love Rat Story.

You’ll also find more information on our Revenge page and our Affairs Page.

Or if you want to know more about how the story selling process works, visit our How it All Works page.

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