Sell a Turkish Love Rat Story


Would you like to Sell a Turkish Love Rat Story?

Have you been duped by a Turkish Love Rat and would you like to expose them in a magazine, and get paid for it? Sell a Turkish Love Rat Story today!

WomanCryingWe’ve been helping people expose love rats, cheats and con artists for over 15 years.  One thing we’ve learned is that absolutely anyone can be taken in by a smooth-talking foreign love rat.

We’ve worked with every spectrum of society; of all ages and backgrounds. Love rats affect millions of people every year.

Most people are too embarrassed or feel too foolish to expose the person who has used their feelings for personal gain, or have lied so much they’ve made a mockery of your reality.  It’s sometimes difficult to face up to when friends and family have voiced their concerns, and you were to carried away to listen to them.

It’s not easy to admit you were wrong.

You don’t just need to be young and naïve, or an older lady looking for love and affection. Absolutely anyone can be taken in by a genuine seeming man (or woman). Everyone is looking for love, and who wouldn’t have their head in the clouds after thinking they’ve found the love of their life.

Why Sell a Turkish Love Rat Story?

  • Help warn others in a similar situation, or support those going through the same thing.
  • Expose the love rat publicly and have the final say.
  • Earn some money to help you get things back on track or take a well deserved holiday.

How to Sell a Turkish Love Rat Story

Simply fill out the form on this page with a few basic details about your story.  You only need to write a few bullet points so we get a brief idea of what happened.

LoveRatOne of our sympathetic, friendly and professional trained writers will get back to you to discuss your options and give you an estimate for your story (based on the detail and sales of similar stories).

If you’re happy to go ahed, we’ll auction your story to all of the magazine editors to find you the best offer.  If you’re happy with the offers, we’ll write up your story in the style of the publication following a chat over the phone. We will then read it back to you (where you’ll be able to make any changes you like to the copy). It’s your story and we want to make sure you’re 100% happy with it.

Our service is free to you and you’ll keep all of the agreed fee.  We are paid seperately from the magazine to supply and write the story (most of the content you read in magazines and newspapers comes from agencies like ours).

What you need to Sell a Turkish Love Rat Story

The more you can supply in terms of evidence and photos, the higher the fee we’ll be able to secure for you will be.  Keep as much as you can of the following:

  • Photos of both of you (preferably together).
  • Text message conversations proving you were an item.
  • Letters or emails exchanged between you.
  • Marriage certificates, Visas, any other documentation relating to the story.

Don’t worry, nothing personal will be printed, and we’ll only print anything you give us permission to, but we need to follow guidelines to ensure the story is true and we have evidence in case the love rat complains about or disputes the story (some of these ruthless love rats will deny they’ve ever met you!).

We will also need contact details for the love rat so that we can call them and give them the ‘right to reply’, particularly if they are still living in the UK.

Others who decided to Sell a Turkish Love Rat Story

You’ve seen the stories in the press about the scoundrels that prey on British women. Some set up encounters with women just to get better accommodation than the room he gets with his job, others for just a night there with a free breakfast, but others want as much as they can get: your house, your money, and everything you’ve ever worked for.

Just a few lines and the flash of a winning smile, and it’s easy for anyone to get sucked in. Lots of these love rats are serial conmen and you wont be the first or last person they take in.

If you’ve been taken for a ride by one of these men, why not NAME and SHAME them for good to stop other women falling victim to the SAME man?

Sandy says: ‘Love Rats do blacken the way for any genuine couples, and I fall into the ‘older woman’ category, but by no means was a looking for anything when I met Hassan.

He told me he’d never met a woman like me, and that he would sacrifice his life for mine. I totally believed him and before I knew it, he was living with me at my home in Dudley, West Midlands. My grown-up children tried to warn me, but I was smitten by Hassan and wouldn’t hear a bad word about him.’

‘After six months of living together, I got an itemized phone bill and saw he was making more calls to one number than any other. I thought it was his mum, and that I would ring and say hello. But when I phoned the number, I got the shock of my life. It was Hassan long-term girlfriend. She told me they had a baby together and he was only with me to send money back to her. I was devastated. I kicked him out and sent him home, but I had no doubt that he’d try it again and I had to warn other women like me. So I filled in the form on, and sent them my pictures. My story was a double-page spread seen by a million women like me. Hassan might have a bit of trouble trying that stunt again.”

If you are like Sandy, get in touch now and a member of our team will call you straight back. With the money that you make, go on a holiday to remember to blast the memory of the scumbag away forever.

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